Cataract Surgery and Corneal Disease Management

Cataract Surgery and Corneal Disease Management

About Cataract and Corneal Disease Surgery

We all have a natural lens inside our eyes. This lens functions as a camera. The lens shapes the light rays that enter the eye so that they fall on the retina and aid in providing us with clear vision.

The lens, however, begins to become cloudy and lose its transparency as it ages. This is when cataracts first appear.

It is similar to looking through a foggy or dusty car windscreen as vision begins to deteriorate with cataract development, making objects appear blurry, hazy, or less colourful.

How is cataract treatment done?

Surgery is the mainstay of treatment for cataract. In this we remove the natural lens of the eye by phacoemulsification and then implant an intraocular lens specific to our patient’s needs .

Why should you choose us?

Today's cataract surgery involves more than just removing the cataract and implanting a lens.

Modern technology allows us to use sophisticated diagnostic tools to plan cataract surgery in order to maximise your vision without the need for glasses and achieve minimal to no refractive error or power after cataract surgery.

At the Eye Hospital in Zirakpur, we use a thorough pre-operative diagnostic protocol to help choose the best lens to be implanted, ensuring patient safety and accuracy.

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